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Name:Vito Santoro
Company:Vaetas, LLC
Address:200 Woodette Drive #402 Dunedin, FL 34698
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-871-0624
Cell No:727-871-0624
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Vito Santoro
Vito Santoro

Vito Santoro is also know by his author name V. Michael Santoro. He has over 12 years of skill in the digital marketing field. Prior experience includes international senior marketing positions in high tech and national marketing positions in the medical device industry.

He has a Masters Degree from Central Connecticut State University and an undergraduate from the University of New Haven. Additionally, Mr. Santoro was an Adjunct Professor with the Computer Science Department of Western Connecticut State University.

V. Michael Santoro is also an established nonfiction author, as well as an award winning fiction author. He has written three books to date. His first, "Realizing the Power of Love," was a book on father-daughter relationships that he coauthored with his teenage daughter.

His second, "The Dyodyne Experiment," is a fiction thriller that he coauthored with a friend and business associate. It was a Gold Medalist in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Award) for the Popular Fiction Category!

His third book was just released. "Niche Dominance, Creating Order Out of your Digital Marketing Chaos," was coauthored with his Globe On-Demand business partner. The book is endorsed by Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and The Key and featured in the movie The Secret; and Ivan Misner, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI®

Niche Dominance,TM provides local and small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs with an understanding of digital marketing services, how they work, and how they need to be implemented for maximum results. Also provided are the questions to ask online marketing vendors to ensure business owners hire the best resources.

The authors analyzed the rapidly changing online environment, consumer behavior and the state of Internet marketing vendors selling services to businesses. They developed an effective 11 step digital marketing process that empowers businesses with a commanding online presence. With Niche Dominance, businesses will create order out of their digital marketing chaos!

He is currently a Managing Partner with InVidz, LLC, an Internet technology company that has developed an interactive marketing video and management platform for professional marketers.
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